My new book, Strive and Thrive with the Psalms, is now available!

Do the 150 Psalms of the Bible have any relevance for us in the 21st century?

In 365 bite-sized pieces, we see how the situations and sentiments expressed in the psalms resonate with us today. Human nature doesn’t change, so the topics of fear, joy, despair, music, dancing, nature, anxiety, anger and elation are as relevant now as when the psalms were written.

Strive and Thrive with the Psalms can be a daily companion. We strive in the challenging situations that impact us each day and, whatever our circumstances, we thrive on the goodness of God.

Strive and Thrive with the Psalms is £16-99 and available via bookshops or online from Kevin Mayhew Ltd.

Miriam – A month in the presence of God’s prophet – is one of my three new books published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd in the spring of 2019. Each day for a month you can read part of Miriam’s story and learn how this sister of Moses and Aaron fitted into the culture of her day and how her life can impact ours in the 21st century. Look up the Bible reference, read the comment, say the prayer, and ponder what God is saying to you through Miriam. £6-99 from Kevin Mayhew Ltd or Amazon.

3-minute Prayers for Grandparents and 3-minute Prayers for Coffee Breaks complete my trio of new books. But look out also for 3-minute Prayers Before I Sleep for children and written by my daughter, Nicky Edwards. Each 3-minute book of prayers is £5-99 and available from Kevin Mayhew Ltd or Amazon. 3-minute Prayers for New Parents has selected prayers from Help! I’m a New Mum! and Help! I’m a New Dad! (by Dave Gatward)


HELP! I’M A NEW MUM! If you’re a new mum, or you’d like to give a new mum a special gift, then HELP! I’M A NEW MUM! – a book of 3-minute prayers – is the book for you. It’s £6-99 and available from Kevin Mayhew Ltd or Amazon.





My first book was published at the turn of the century! Since then there have been a few more – with more to come! “Why didn’t God create me with green hair?” was the first to hit the shelves, followed by the more serious, “Forgive us… as we forgive…” and “The Also-Rans.” A children’s book, “Roy Green’s Brilliant Ingenious Venture,” was the third of my books to be published by Kevin Mayhew. “The Seven Ages of Man” is a coffee table book that celebrates life from cradle to grave.  Two books of accessible poems, “Coffee on the Pavement,” and “Blue Sky Days to Come” were published more recently.