HELP! I’M A NEW MUM! is my latest book, published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd. If you’re a new mum, or you’d like to give a new mum a special gift, then HELP! I’M A NEW MUM! – a book of 3-minute prayers – is the book for you.

Those exciting but bewildering first weeks with a new baby prompt mixed emotions. Prayers can sometimes be too polite or even dull. The prayers in HELP! I’M A NEW MUM! are short, honest and lively – where the mum can tell God how she really feels.

Here is a book for mums to have by the bed or by the kettle. Dip in to the prayers and chat to God when you’re desperate for a bit of peace and quiet from your wailing baby, or when you just want to say thank you for the wonder of new life.

HELP! I’M A NEW MUM! is £6-99. Look out also for HELP! I’M A NEW DAD! by David Gatward. You can order from here:


My first book was published at the turn of the century! Since then there have been a few more – with more to come! “Why didn’t God create me with green hair?” was the first to hit the shelves, followed by the more serious, “Forgive us… as we forgive…” and “The Also-Rans.” A children’s book, “Roy Green’s Brilliant Ingenious Venture,” was the third of my books to be published by Kevin Mayhew. “The Seven Ages of Man” is a coffee table book that celebrates life from cradle to grave.  Two books of accessible poems, “Coffee on the Pavement,” and “Blue Sky Days to Come” were published more recently.