Cwm Idwal 2013

Words and pictures are my communication tools and I hope you’ll be attracted to both. My aims on this blog are to entertain, inspire, challenge and encourage you. I’m Pam Pointer, a freelance writer, speaker and keen observer of life.

Clues about me are evident at home. My photographs of family dominate the walls of my study and kitchen; the lounge features photographs of Welsh landscapes and some quirky arty photos. Books on landscape, nature, the Christian faith, tennis, and food fill the bookshelves, along with music CDs and drama DVDs. A large wall map of the British Isles reminds me of places visited and places still to see.

november-local-landscapes-056-copydecember-17-2015-moon-and-night-pics-003-copyOutside, the fascination of cloud patterns by day, and the moon and stars at night, never fail to impress. The created world of big skies and rural landscapes are awe-inspiring.

Brought up in London’s suburbia, I worked in the social work department of a teaching hospital in the capital. After taking time out to bring up my family, I had various part-time jobs before leaving to concentrate on writing. I’m the author of a number of non-fiction and poetry books, have broadcast Morning Thoughts, and published magazine articles and newspaper columns.

My family – husband, three daughters, three sons-in-law and six grandchildren – are a joyous priority. They, plus my interest in social history, observations of current culture, the diversity of nature, and the reassurance of an unchanging God in a constantly changing world, contribute to my world view.

All photographic images are Copyright: Pam Pointer 2021

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