Who likes popping the bubbles in bubble wrap? Satisfying isn’t it . . .

Did you know that bubble wrap gives, according to one manufacturer, high quality cushion protection, that small bubble wrap has a bubble size of 10mm and large bubble wrap has a bubble width of 25mm? You can get anti-static bubble wrap and oxo-degradable bubble wrap, coloured bubble wrap, and even paper bubble wrap.

Why the interest in bubble wrap? Well, apart from the popping enjoyment, it’s a visual aid to me of the situation many of us find ourselves in during this pandemic. If we live alone we can form a bubble with a family or another person. And you see the advantage – being wrapped around by a protective layer of care. In addition to the single person’s option for bubbling, we’ve seen sports bubbles – whole rugby teams, for example (not sure how that works in a scrum) or a school class where a group of children are able to be together in, hopefully, a place of safety and mutual care.

Let’s hope it won’t be too long before the pandemic social bubbles are not required. But the idea of being wrapped around with supportive care is appealing – in any circumstances. Even now there may be someone near you who is not in a bubble and would welcome it. Perhaps eventually we’ll continue to bubble – and value the bubble concept more than we did before the events of this year happened. We were made for companionship, the ultimate example of which is God himself who wants to enfold each of us in his love. Happy bubbling!

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