What sort of leader do you look for and look up to? Someone who’s decisive? Dithery? Dictatorial? Diplomatic? Distinctive?

In sport, business and politics we see a pattern of rise and fall, of changes for better or for worse. A good leader is respected and stays put, unless or until things go awry when he may be booted out.

Is there anyone out there who can make things work well – and consistently – on the world stage in a time of national and global challenge? At present you may think that nothing works, that nobody has the ultimate answer to the world’s ills. In what or whom, then, can we place our hope? An old proverb: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. We may try our best, use our own understanding, try to find solutions, and make decisions. It may make us feel we’re in control, but human control can mess up. So might we risk putting our trust in the Lord? Or do we think that the Lord is asleep, disinterested or remote? If you do believe in God, biblical history plus faith experiences indicate that God is constant, and his plans bigger, better and more unexpected than we could ever imagine.

If human managers and leaders – or any of us – in 2020 struggle, perhaps it’s a wake-up call to look to, and cooperate with, a higher authority – not as a last resort, but as our first port of call. Do I want the Lord in my corner – and in yours? Yeah. OK, I need to trust him.

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