My friend and I used Morse Code to send secret messages to each other when we were children. The only bit I remember now is SOS: dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot. Save our souls. Samuel Morse may have been known as a saviour for his invention, most famously used -in desperation – by radio officers Jack Philips and Harold Bride from RMS Titanic in 1912.

Who are today’s saviours? Well, TV gardeners such as Monty Don of Gardeners’ World have saved the sanity of many this year by helping us notice, appreciate and work with nature in our gardens. Sir David Attenborough and Prince William, amongst others, are advocates for saving the planet’s species. And think of your local saviours – good neighbours, hospital workers, shop assistants…

While admiring and appreciating such saviours and the efforts they put in to making life on earth better, there is actually only one person who can literally ‘save our souls.’ He was described as ‘the bright dawn of salvation’ who would ‘shine on all those who live in the dark shadow of death, to guide our steps into the path of peace.’ Who wouldn’t wish for that? ‘Don’t be afraid!’ was the heaven to earth message, ‘I’m here with good news for you… This very day your Saviour was born – Christ the Lord!’

While it’s right that we all do our best to save the planet – as God’s stewards of the place – it is only he who can save US. We don’t have to tap out a Morse Code message. He’s there for anyone who chooses to see him as the Saviour. Isn’t it evident today that we need him more than ever?

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