What scares you? Spiders, Covid-19, climate change, rats, the unknown, abuse, death? What is sacred to you? Family, friends, nature, God, life?

Switch the ‘C’ and the ‘A’ and you have words of very different meanings and with different outcomes. An early morning radio news and current affairs programme comprised an hour of negative, pessimistic scare stories. Not a cheery start to the day. By way of contrast, the ever-popular BBC TV Springwatch series focuses on the positives of the natural world and, even with the odd spider, rat or wasp, the viewer is helped to understand each creature’s attributes.

Birds and their breeding habits are of great interest to the Springwatchers. And not just via TV… The tip of a tiny beak is all I can see of a robin in a nest box in my garden. She sits silently day after day, waiting for her eggs to hatch. One morning, instead of the beak, a beady eye stared solemnly at me through the round window of her box. I crept away. There is something sacred about that robin. Rather than be scared in the sometimes hostile world outside, she is at peace in her little home.

While we humans fret about our survival, nature is unaware of Covid-19. Springtime continues the cycle of the seasons. We witness nature’s variety, patterns, textures, colours, habitats and its very life. Sacred? Yes. And when we connect with it, perhaps we can see beyond its beauty to the very Creator whose creativity has made it sacred because he is sacred. Scared today? Discover the sacred.

One thought on “SCARED AND SACRED

  1. Dear Pammy

    Another great post! Thank you so much for continuing to send these. You are so clever with words, but also bring out truth and encouragement in a really pithy way that speaks so helpfully into the situations we all find ourselves in. You have such a gift – please keep exercising it like this.

    Thank you!

    Lots of love for today,

    Pook xx


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