UNPRECEDENTED. We hear that word a lot at the moment. If we play around with its letters to make anagrams, we get:

Dependence rut: As a global mass of people, have we become so dependent on ourselves, rather than on God, that we’re in a rut?

Dunce repented: Are you and I dunces? Have we gone our own way for so long that we’ve become stupid in ignoring God? The Bible says, The fool says in his heart ‘there is no God.’ Can we, should we, acknowledge that we’ve been foolish, and repent and turn back to God?

Centre upended: Our centre (ourselves) has been upended. Is it a wake-up call? Might it bring about a mindset change and a lifestyle change?

Dependent cure: Are we prepared to take the cure and become dependent on God – the only lasting cure for human beings? Option1: self-reliance. Option 2: God-reliance and the opportunity to work in partnership with him.

Is this time unprecedented? Think of The Black Death from which one third of the world’s population died, the Great Plague of London – when a fifth of London’s population died; cholera, Spanish flu, SARS, smallpox… The more we connect globally, the more likely pandemics become.

Julian of Norwich, a Christian mystic living through the 14th century’s Black Death, wrote of God’s unceasing love. “I saw full surely that before ever God made us, God loved us.” Love is bound up in relationships, not least between Creator and created. Could we, should we, dare we – individually and collectively – love God whole-heartedly in response to his love? The results, if that occurred, could be described as truly unprecedented.

One thought on “DEPENDENCE RUT

  1. Another great post today! I forwarded this one on to John and Janet who I think will really enjoy it too.

    Thank you so much!

    Pook xxx

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