An Australian Koolie dog, called Bear, is the efficient and effective saviour of many sick and dying koalas in the damaged bush. He susses where they are, then sits at the bottom of the relevant gum tree, thereby showing his handler the koala’s location.

Currently, there are many human saviours looking out for their fellow men, women and children – to offer help, and save them from illness, food shortage, housing shortage, domestic violence, isolation, and despair. Needs are perceived, minds engaged, heart-strings pulled, skills put to use and action taken. And creation – animal, plant, human – is helped to a new lease of life. Human beings are endowed with mini versions of God’s characteristics: love, compassion, creativity, and the urge to give life.

Because this world is God’s world – not ours – and he loves it and its inhabitants so much, he sent the Saviour, Jesus Christ, whose role wasn’t just for a few years in the Middle East during the early 1st century, but for all time. It is he who can give lasting help. Perhaps you’re one of the people who’s giving God a chance for the first time. For world peace and harmony, we can’t depend just on a rescue dog or a kind friend or neighbour – wonderful though they may be. In God’s world we need him.



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