L L L – Laugh Long and Loudly? Yes, if you feel like it. Lockdown’s Lazy Languish? Hmm… Or how about Life-Long Learning?

If, like me, you learnt little at school, either because you found it boring, irrelevant, too hard to bother with, or because you had teachers who failed to enthuse you, it’s never too late. Lockdown is demonstrating to me that all ages can have fun learning together – even when in different locations.

So, what are some of the discoveries of recent days? That, for a baby, to be able to sit up is a joyous achievement. That in Phonics, there’s a magic E and learning to read is fun. That BIDMAS stands for Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. That the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand triggered the Great War. That Stonehenge can be rebuilt using Jenga blocks and Lego. That in Bangladesh flooding, rubbish and fumes cause extreme deprivation. That the Darth Vader tune can be played on a brass baritone. That felt tip pen dots on a UK map show where family members live. And that homemade parachutes dropped out of a bedroom window demonstrate air resistance. All these, and more, were shared by my grandchildren on the family WhatsApp. Such variety! Such fun!

I’ve been reminded of stuff I learnt (or should have learnt) many decades ago and picked up a few new (to me) facts: Did you know that a giraffe strides with its two left feet then its two right feet – unlike most other animals, that a group of rhinos is called a crash, and that an ostrich’s eyes are larger than its brain?

Yes, L L L – there’s joy to be had from Life-Long Learning. I recommend it.

One thought on “L L L

  1. This is wonderful – thank you so much! I love the giraffe fact – I never knew that!!

    Hoping that you’re feeling a bit better each day.

    Much love,

    Pook xxx


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