Six months ago my 98 year old mum died. The grave is marked by a small flat stone in the grass with her name and my dad’s name on it; he died eighteen months ago, also in his nineties. Between their names and dates on the stone are the words, “Kept by the power of God.” It seems an apt Bible phrase to think about in the present coronavirus circumstances. Life is uncertain and changes are happening in quick succession; no sooner have we taken in one set of instructions than we have to think of the next set and how the changes will impact our lives for days, weeks, months to come.

If you have a faith in God, are you relying on him to see you through? Do you have hope in him for each day – and for the longer term? Do you believe that you are kept in his care, whatever happens? Can you praise him – not for the circumstances but in the circumstances, trusting that he is holding you and will be your companion, come what may? Can you thank God that, from the early days in your mother’s arms, right through to this minute, he has blessed you with countless gifts of love?

A few weeks ago I planted some mini daffodils around my parents’ stone. They are now in full flower – in time for today: Mothering Sunday. As a mum myself I won’t see my children today nor, it seems, for a long time to come. What bonds us together? Phone calls, texts, WhatsApp, emails, and above all the knowledge of being members of God’s family and having his presence and love in our lives. Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow.

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