I could do with a prancing seal or some Anglican reps to help with clearing pans as I tackle a spring clean. A cleansing rap might help me get into the rhythm of the work. To divert me even more it would be good if some pelicans rang while I ponder a creasing plan – or more correctly an un-creasing plan.

It’s so much more interesting to fiddle with anagrams of ‘a spring clean’ than to actually do the work. Do you like spring-cleaning? Do you do it in springtime (the UK is now in the official season of spring according to meteorologists.) Or in winter (too much rain and muck.) Or in summer (too busy sunbathing with a bit of luck.) Or in autumn (too engrossed in sweeping leaves and prepping for Christmas.) So it’s spring or never. Or maybe you’re so virtuous with your regular daily/weekly cleaning that a spring clean never needs to be done?

Lists. That’s the way ahead. Make lists. Mark each task with who will do it – yourself, your soul-mate, a kind friend, or an expert in cleaning, painting, tidying, decluttering, regrouting, window washing, book dusting, and everything else. Then have a cup of tea to recover from the brain-power involved in making the lists and feeling daunted by the prospect of ALL THAT WORK.

And while you’re about it, do you need to spring-clean yourself – body, mind, soul? You might be doing it during Lent though I prefer to think positive activity rather than negative giving up of favourite things like chocolate. The good news is that Lent (for some reason) doesn’t function on Sundays so make the most of that! A spring clean. Think, talk the talk and maybe act?

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