Easter eggs were spotted in a railway station’s shop this weekend. Jumping the gun? Four months early…

What are we celebrating this week? Xmas? Winter Festival? Presents Paradise? Happy Holidays? Perhaps all of those. Struggling high street shops, with their fairy lights and jolly music, have desperately tried to entice buyers, while online shopping has kept packers and postmen busy delivering to our doors.

Where is the Christ of Christ-mas? He hasn’t been forgotten. My local toy shop and fudge shop have nativity scenes in their windows with the ‘reason for the season’ on display in tableaux and words.

Jesus Christ is there in those two shops, he has been in evidence in infant school nativities and is in carol services. He’s with rough sleepers on the streets, with firefighters in the Australian bush, with flood victims in Spain, Indonesia, Thailand and England. He’s there with patients in hospices and hospitals, and with those imprisoned in jail, or in anguished minds.

When Jesus was born it was uncomfortable and messy. Few people noticed or knew that the Saviour had been born.  People were busy with their lives. But this baby grew up and made an impact that has never ceased in the millennia since. Jesus drew people to him as he taught, healed and befriended. He had immense compassion, particularly on those who were downcast or outcast. His message was one of peace and reconciliation with an invitation to come to God through him. It was extraordinary to those who heard his message at the time. Extraordinary but amazingly wonderful. He came as light into a dark world and the darkness has never extinguished his light. Thank God for the everlasting, ever-living Christ of Christmas.

PS You might like to read a Christmas poem – see ‘Poems’ page.

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