Fall back. Spring forward. The clocks have changed in the UK and we’re back to Greenwich Mean Time rather than British Summer Time. It’ll be dark at 5 pm instead of 6 pm. Often the clock change comes at the end of the autumn half term. This year it comes at the beginning.

When my children were small I recall them coming home from school after the autumn half term holiday and watching BBC’s Blue Peter before tea. The lights went on, the curtains were closed, and they cosied up on the sofa to watch great exploits, see sticky-backed plastic used for craft, and various pets wreaking havoc in the studio.

Outside the conkers have now all fallen from the horse chestnut trees, beech nuts are crunched underfoot along puddly pavements and the leaves are falling rapidly in the wind and rain of recent days. Children splash through puddles, run to catch falling leaves, swish their wellies through the yellow and orange carpet and birds start eating the glowing berries on shrubs. I like autumn! I like the seasons. Drab grey days may not thrill us but how it makes us appreciate the occasional blue sky day when we see nature at its gloriously colourful best.

We all experience days when metaphorical clouds press down on us and our tears of sorrow, stress or strife sluice down like the storms outside the window. What a relief and blessing it is when those days abate and the sun shines once more – as it is this morning where I live.

“Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning” we read in the Psalms. However long your season of tears may be, there is bright hope for tomorrow.


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