Some years ago a young relative visited our home. He commented on the purity of the air in our small-ish town set in a rural county of England. It was very different from the polluted air of his major city.  Last week, away from home in an area where the air is truly pure, I realised just how bad the pollution had become at home since that lad’s visit. In the mountain air of rural Wales I filled my lungs with fresh air, breathing it deep into my body, hoping it would flush out the build-up of impurity that must have accumulated.

Air quality changes. Climate, seasons, regimes, people, all change. And it can be unsettling. The shenanigans of political life demonstrate that, reporters comment on it and ordinary people feel their voices are not heard. What kind of world are human beings creating and why can’t they make it work?

On our last night in rural Wales, the moon peeped out through a tiny break in the blanket of heavy cloud. The following night, back home, that same moon was visible in a clear, cold sky, testament to the fact that some things don’t change. Despite what goes on down here on earth, it is the ‘creator of the rolling spheres’ who is ultimately in control. Thank God it is his world we inhabit, not ours. Moreover he loves the world and its inhabitants, flawed though we are. He says, ‘Your days of grief will come to an end. I, the Lord, will be your eternal light, more lasting than the sun and moon.’ Meanwhile, let’s work with and for God to lessen the pollution, to which we contribute, and bring his purity into a world that needs to breathe fresh air.

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