A lone and lonely calf trod round and round in circles, occasionally giving out a mournful moo – without getting any response. Such strange behaviour seemed bizarre and was distressing to watch. Earlier the herd had been in the same field as the calf but the rest of the cattle had disappeared.

Two men leapt out of a Land Rover and over a gate. They approached the calf slowly and silently from different directions, eventually ushering it safely through another open gate in a hedge to join its companions who’d moved on without the little one.

“Cataracts,” the farmer said when he returned. “The calf can’t see and was distressed because he sensed he was on his own and couldn’t find his way back to the others.”

Can you identify with that calf? We walk round in metaphorical circles, unable to see clearly a way out of a particular distressing or tricky situation. It can be frightening to be alone with nobody to help. We are more confident in the companionship of a loving partner or trusted friends. There is something calming about togetherness.

We may not always see clearly. St Paul wrote, “What I see now is like a dim image in a mirror… What I know now is only partial.” One day all will become clear in our bewildered lonely world. God told his followers, “I will never leave you; I will never abandon you.” His followers are called to act similarly: “Let us come near to God… Let us be concerned for one another… Let us help one another to show love and to do good… Let us encourage one another.”

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