There’s nothing like a nothing day. Many of us spend our lives looking at the clock, working out where we have to be next, what needs doing at a certain time, who we have to see and when, meeting deadlines, caring for children, working long hours in an office, juggling things on our ‘to do’ list and trying to find time for conversation with those near and dear.

While there are some things that are absolutely necessary, others are not – though we might think they are. Is there a danger of thinking we’re indispensable? Are we arrogant or so self-driven that we have forgotten how – and the need – to pause? And rest?

Recently I had a nothing day. And it wasn’t a day as in Bing Crosby’s song, “We’re busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do.” No. I just did nothing but rest – something that perhaps we don’t always make ‘time’ to do. Sometimes our bodies tells us when we need a nothing day by forcing us to take one if we can’t do it of our own accord. We do well to listen to our bodies.

Maybe you’re afraid of a nothing day, worried that you’re not doing. God rested. Jesus rested. He slept, prayed, went off by himself. David, the shepherd who became king, wrote of God, “He lets me rest in fields of green grass and leads me to quiet pools of fresh water.” Two words whisper to me: “rest”, “quiet”. If it’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for me. Just be.

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