My phone rang twice on a recent railway journey. The first time the train was pulling into Euston station from the Midlands, and I had to cut short the conversation with my sister as I descended to the tunnels of the Tube. Later, having completed the Tube journey, I was on a train from Waterloo travelling towards the southwest. The phone rang; it was my daughter and we started a conversation. All was well. And then the phone cut out because the train went into a tunnel. When the train emerged into the open, phone communication was restored.

Aeons ago communication was continuous and positive between God and his created being, Man – until things went fruit-shaped – pear, apple, whatever. . . Man and his Mrs went, metaphorically, into a tunnel where their conversation with God was cut off. Their once-good communication with God went wrong when they were tempted to become God-like. It didn’t work. All they had to show for it was an apple core (or pear core or whatever) and nakedness – which embarrassed them. Paradise Lost.

The way of relationship and good communication between God and people was restored via Jesus. It was as if people emerged from the dark tunnel of no phone signal into the light and into the sound of the ring tone. “Hello, are you there?” “Yes!” Paradise Regained. And that restoration of relationship and communication is available for anyone who calls God and becomes his follower.


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