If you have a spare £47,000,000 (or thereabouts) you might like to consider a month’s holiday on the International Space Station. Be a space tourist and holiday with the stars.

If that doesn’t appeal, or is beyond your bank balance and comfort zone, you could go on a sea or river cruise or a land tour, to take in exotic locations on planet earth.

Still a step and price too far? Try one of the ‘best seaside destinations’ in the UK: Bamburgh, Portmeirion, Dartmouth, North Berwick or St Mawes.

And if all of the above are ridiculously impossible, you could simply have a holiday at home which could be altogether more restful, beneficial and less pricey than any of the other suggestions.

Today is a holiday. In the church it’s known as Pentecost. Back in the days when Christianity was more acknowledged in the UK, it was known as Whitsun, and Whit Monday was a bank holiday and a welcome day off school and work. ‘Holidays’ derives from ‘holy days’ – special days in the church’s calendar to celebrate, reflect and be thankful. The first Pentecost saw the early followers of Jesus, who’d been a puzzled and sometimes fearful bunch of people, take on a new lease of life when the Spirit of God came on them. The impact on their lives has impacted the lives of people ever since, as God’s message of good news through Jesus has spread globally and throughout history.

A holiday can be a one-off special experience for us, but doesn’t last. God’s Spirit still impacts people today as they hear and receive his everlasting good news.

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