Today is Coronation Day. I don’t recall the rainy day 66 years ago when our Queen was crowned. Remarkable though her long reign is, I find it much more remarkable that every human being is ‘crowned with glory and honour’ according to the Bible. How might that impact your mindset, your worldview and your behaviour?

Recent research suggests that half of the UK population claims to have ‘no religion’ and, depending on how ‘atheism’ is defined, may not believe there is a God at all. For them the crowning with ‘glory and honour’ might seem irrelevant as it is God who does the crowning – because of the love for, and value he places on, every person.

In C S Lewis’ allegorical Narnia books, Aslan represents Jesus Christ and the children become kings and queens of Narnia. Crowns, according to the New Testament, will be worn by those who have lived faithfully for Jesus Christ. One day the coronation will take place of Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. That will be a coronation to remember! How different it will be to the birth of Jesus in squalid obscurity. The return of Christ as king will see governments, nations, authorities and earthly powers brought under his rule and everyone will acknowledge him as Lord. All evil will be wiped out. Paradise will be restored.

My youngest granddaughters like to dress up and play princesses with wonky crowns on their heads. I hope that, like Susan and Lucy in the Narnia books, they’ll recognise the one who – in real life – wears the lasting crown.

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