Do you remember the eruption of Mount St Helen’s on 18 May 1980? Seismic activity around the area continues to rumble on, but the 1980 eruption made such an impact, locally and globally, that witnesses – many of them children at the time – can still recall it in detail. Its angry spewing was seen by television audiences worldwide. Big events are remembered and, in some cases, don’t seem that long ago. And yet, Mount St Helen’s erupted four years before my youngest daughter was born, so to her – and to others of her generation – it is, in all probability, simply an event in history.

If your knowledge of British history is good, you might recall that on 19 May 1051 Henry I married Anne of Kiev. Another royal Henry is, perhaps, remembered more easily: Prince Harry – who married Meghan Markle on 19 May last year. Maybe you were one of the 1.9 billion people who witnessed the event.

Some of us have better recall of times and dates than others. How do you fare at quiz questions that ask the year in which an event occurred? Time plays tricks with our memory. The older we get, the quicker time seems to go. Time, for us mortals, is significant. How much time will I have on the planet? For what might I be remembered? I’m really rather thankful that, for God, a thousand years are as a day and a day is as a thousand years. Each day we have on the planet is a gift. Let’s make each day count for good and, if you believe in him, for God.





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