The muted colours of winter’s landscape have given way to the brash, vivid, saturated colours of May. The bright yellow mini-sun-like flowers of dandelions are now puffs of seed-head clocks and dainty buttercups have taken their place. The grass is a solid green after its pallid winter wear and trees are in full leaf. Conical purple lilac and pendulous yellow laburnum show off their blooms against a blue sky, while billowing lines of lacy cow parsley border country lanes.

Up above, tucked in amidst cauliflower white clouds, is a miniature cloud, perfectly formed in the shape of a tiny half disc. Not a cloud at all, but the moon, silent and relatively still – above and beyond the activity of the clouds that are blown by a brisk northwest wind and, in rushing moments, obscure the little half disc.

The clarity of this daytime atmosphere creates crisp edges to trees and rooftops on which the moon gazes down. And as yet unseen, on this sunny day, are the myriads of stars that may be seen overnight.

The seasons change but the moon and stars remain steady, giving a sense of calm and stability in this, the season of most dramatic change. If you find spring, with its rapid burgeoning of newness, somewhat unnerving and unsettling, or if you find each day a challenge – for whatever reason – look up at the sky. Be still and hear, beyond the clamour of earth, the silent voice of God.


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