How might your life be transformed? By getting a job? Finding a life-partner? Going in for body-shaping surgery? Ticking accomplished items on your bucket list? According to an advert, it’s a new bathroom that will transform my life.

Does such a claim have any merit? Possibly. If I lived in a part of the world where there was no sanitation provision, a bathroom – or at least a toilet and clean water – could transform my life and the lives of a whole community. But the advert was geared for the likes of me. I already have the privilege of a bathroom. I’m sceptical that a new one could transform my life. So is there a more plausible alternative that could transform me?

The apostle Paul wrote, “Don’t conform yourselves to this world.” Be transformed. How? “Let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind.” In this Easter season, Christians ponder and rejoice in the transformation from death to life of Jesus Christ and what that means for their own lives. A seed falls into the ground and lies dead and buried. It happened with my seed potatoes. Now green shoots are showing. My peony plant sprang out of a patch of bare earth. It had lain dead and buried all winter. Now its buds are ready to burst into flower.

The miracle of Jesus’ life from death, unlike a bathroom transformation, has implications for people everywhere through all time and into eternity. Those who accept his offer for transformation are works in progress. One day the transformation will be complete: new heaven, new earth, new and pain-free bodies, new and fully-functioning minds, new life forever. That’s transformation.

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