“Being normal is boring,” said Marilyn Monroe. According to the dictionary, “normal” means conforming to a standard. “Normal” is usual, typical or expected. But can “normal” really be defined? To what standard might we conform? Is there an accepted standard? Isn’t it “normal” now to be your own person, to do as you wish, to choose your own individual “normal”, whatever that might be?

A local hairdressing salon has pictures of Marilyn Monroe and her quote plastered over its windows. It’s twenty years since I wrote “Why didn’t God create me with green hair?” At that time green hair was not normal. And definitely not boring. Now, you see people with purple, green, orange hair. Any colour you fancy. Normal? Boring? Making a statement?

Someone recently described me as a “free spirit.” I admit I don’t particularly like conforming. But, as a Christian, my desire is to live by God’s standards. Jesus said a curious thing to his followers, “If you belonged to the world, then the world would love you as its own.” Paul told Christians in Rome, “Don’t conform yourselves to the standards of this world…” If the world’s standards are “normal” then it follows that I’m not boring! I don’t conform. I’m a free spirit. Or am I? No, not if I’m a true follower of Jesus, because Paul continues by saying, “…Let God transform you inwardly… then you will know what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect.”




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