A mini excavator, deep in mud, gouged through the front garden of a nearby house. The house had been home to friends of mine; now it was owned by someone else. The new owners were changing the house and garden to put their own mark on it. We all do it when we move into a different property. No two homes are the same just as no two people are the same. Most people, in their own home, bring their skills and artistry into it, but most of all their character, and the house that is built into a home will reflect who they are.

Curiously, it seems that Jesus – in the three years of his ministry – didn’t have a home of his own. He said, “Foxes have holes, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lie down and rest.” Jesus was made welcome in the homes of other people: Matthew, Martha and Mary, Peter’s mother-in-law, Zacchaeus…

Before he returned to heaven Jesus told his disciples he was going to prepare a place for them in his Father’s house, and so in Revelation it says, “God’s home is with human beings! He will live with them and they shall be his people.” Meanwhile, down on earth, we can excavate and build and alter homes, but God is not so interested in bricks and mortar as in how we build our lives. Jesus said to build on the rock of his words and obey them. Solid, dependable and lasting – reflecting his character.


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