There’s something particularly satisfying about being the first person to put a booted foot onto a fresh patch of snow. Freshly fallen snow looks beautiful. The miracle of each unique snowflake is truly awesome. Flakes blow together into drifts or are shaped into snowmen, each works of art by nature or by human hands. Brown branches of trees have a topping of icing, and tufts of grass glisten as the sun catches the snow like glitter on a child’s painting.

But venture outside and the pavement is icy. Cars grind slowly along the road, tyres crunch on the uneven surface. Walkers prod the ground with walking sticks in an endeavour to stay upright.

Snow mirrors life: beautiful yet hazardous; bright yet dark; full of artistry but also destructive. In today’s Bible reading for Candlemas the aged priest, Simeon, tells Mary the mother of Jesus, “Sorrow, like a sharp sword will pierce your heart.” Just moments before he’d been praising God for the arrival of Jesus into the world: “salvation… light… glory.” The chosen mother of this precious baby would see all those facets sparkle through Jesus – and rejoice. But she’d also witness his suffering and death and the pain of her sorrow would be piercingly sharp. Your life experience today may be of a joyous nature, like the view of a glorious snowy landscape or it may be grindingly difficult like the slow slither over an uneven and icy road. God’s promise is that, “Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning.”

PS Take a look at the Photos page for some winter landscape pictures.


One thought on “SNOW AND ICE

  1. You’ve got some lovely winter photos.

    Will catch up with you in the week as we’re going out for tea with Warran’s cousin Simon.

    Love Ali xx

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