A worm, long and pink, ventured out to play. He’d spent several cold days underground. Now, after overnight rain and a rise in temperature, he could see daylight and feel the dampness of the pavement. The pavement? Not much to do or eat there! But maybe it was enough to manage to avoid passing boots and eye the world from a different viewpoint. Eating and earthworking could come later.

Once upon a time we went to the Royal Albert Hall to watch a tennis match. An unlikely venue and unlikely seats: “a worm’s eye view” our companion told us. Yes, our eyes were on a level with the court surface so we had an excellent view of the players’ shoes and the ball heading with ferocious speed and swerve towards our faces.

We all see the world from a different viewpoint. I look out of the window in the morning to try and spot Venus or the moon. Someone else will look out and notice the number plates of passing cars or the attire of passersby. I may look at the food on my plate and see different colours and textures. My fellow eaters might notice the constituent parts of protein, carbs, and fat, or the size of the portion.

And what about the bigger issues of life? What is your worldview? Do you see the world as being God’s or ours? Do you see any evidence of God at work in the world or do you simply see humans at work? We’re only on the planet for a short season so it’s worth considering your point of view.



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