TEAM, in my granddaughter’s primary school, stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. My granddaughter won the TEAM player of the week because “she always works hard to ensure everyone around her is happy, feels safe and is included. She is so warm and caring and a real asset to her class.”

One can’t help feeling that the TEAM acrostic, if applied to Parliamentarians, might, just might, have made a difference to the confused picture of solving the Brexit puzzle. There is little evidence of party politics being put aside and for true cooperative teamwork to take place. Is it a power thing?

Think of other teams. A few years ago there was unrest in the England cricket team when one player was an individualist rather than a team player. It can happen in any work situation. If one person does his own thing, it impacts on the rest of the group and achievement is slowed or doesn’t happen at all.

Jesus could have done his Son of God work on his own. Why did he choose a motley lot of people to form a team to work with him? Because we were made for relationship – with God and with each other. There were tiffs between the disciples in Jesus’ team from time to time. Yet God chose to work with people, even appointing the church to be his ambassadors. Maybe all of us, whatever team we’re in, can learn something from that school TEAM mantra and from the example of a 9 year old.



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