‘You say you’re wholly holy? Your argument is holey.’ ‘They’re there with their family.’ ‘Four came to the fore for being exceptionally brilliant at homophones.’

My granddaughter once asked me if I could help her with homophones. I confessed that I didn’t know what a homophone was. My ‘progressive’ grammar school hadn’t taught grammar, preferring to give its pupils free rein to develop their own creative writing skills without getting bogged down with the tedium of grammar.

But back to the present. We can do nothing about the past and it’s a waste of energy worrying about the future. The present is happening now. So if you’re still present with me, may I present, in your presence, a present for you. This is the season of Advent when we look forward to the coming of Jesus into the world – past and future. He came as a baby from the realms of glory. He will come again – from the realms of glory. But how does his presence impact you in the present? God’s present – his gift, for our present time – our now – is the everlasting, beyond-human-time-spans, Jesus, who we’re told is the same ‘yesterday, today and forever.’

“Listen!” St Paul wrote, “This is the hour to receive God’s favour; today is the day to be saved!” Jesus, the one who saves, is God’s present to the world.

Feeling fraught? Fragile? Frenzied? Be still. Just be. Be present in the presence of God and receive his present.


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