This morning’s autumn treat was to see a gaggle of geese flying overhead in a V-formation, chuntering away to each other as they flew.

I don’t claim to know as much about aerodynamics as geese appear to. It seems that they take turns at being the leader. When a leader gets tired, someone else takes over. And so on, during their flight. The chat is simply to keep in touch with one another.

Their behaviour, based on science and common sense, seems so logical, so almost human. Or maybe geese are actually more savvy than we are. How good are we at team work? How good are our communication skills? How much do we help each other when the going gets tough?

Moses had great leadership qualities but when it came to public speaking, he was unsure of himself. So his brother, Aaron, was appointed by God to be by Moses’ side and speak on his behalf. Years later, Moses was helped by others as he stood on top of a hill, holding up a stick. As long as he held up the stick, the people for whom he had responsibility, did well when under attack. When Moses’ arms got tired things didn’t go so well. So what happened? Aaron and another man came to help out. They found a stone for Moses to sit on, stood beside him and held up his arms. That’s team work. That’s commitment. That’s empathy.

Maybe this week we can learn from the geese and from Moses’ experience and work with others for the benefit of all.


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