How daring are you? I’m full of admiration for those who are more daring than I am. If you wish to jump off the side of a mountain on a hang-glider, or do a ski-jump, or tie yourself to ropes to cross a crevasse, I wish you well. Just leave me, wimp that I am, on the ground. I’m not good at getting out of my comfort zone.

I like to feel solid ground beneath my feet – or at least to know that the transport I’m on is connected directly to terra firma. So it was a surprise that I managed to get on a cable car last week and swing in the air. Admittedly I had white knuckles as I clung onto the side of the 2-person cabin, and I looked straight ahead rather than around at the views.

Life is never going to be totally comfortable. And I suppose that would be pretty boring anyway. At the start of this new academic year – which often seems more like the start of a new year than the 1st of January does – let’s be ready for adventure, to face each new day as a gift and be prepared to face challenges with faith not fear, with hope not horror, with gratitude not glumness. Don’t be ground into the ground. Be grounded with the peace that passes all human understanding – God’s peace.






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