Thomas Hardy wrote many short stories, some of which were put into a volume called ‘Life’s Little Ironies.’ He was brilliant at capturing the essence of rural Wessex and its residents’ dependence on the land for their livelihood. The vagaries of the weather were crucial. What would Hardy have made of climate change and the current heatwave that is affecting so much of the globe?

An irony of the last few days involves two umbrellas. On Thursday I sweltered in hot sunshine under a bright pink umbrella, designed to keep the powerful rays off my blonde locks and bare arms. Today I was done up in a cagoule and wellies with a large dark blue umbrella to keep the rain off my hooded head and covered arms. I was in danger of doing a Mary Poppins with the umbrella as gusts of wind threatened to take me off my feet to join the buffeted birds in the sky.

Weather has always been a topic of British conversation and will continue to be so as promised sunshine returns after the weekend’s rain blip. Spare a prayer for farmers; their livelihood is just as much in the balance as it was in Hardy’s day; perhaps even more so…

The best umbrella story ever, was told to me by a 2 year old. We were at an animal park, admiring the different patterns, shapes, sizes, and colours of the natural world. A male peacock, resplendent in iridescence, decided to display for our benefit. “Look!” the child said, “The peacock’s put up his umbrella!”

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