Love and peace. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me,” goes the song. Laudable though that sentiment is, putting it into practice is a challenge.

Yesterday, on Test Match Special, a young lad was interviewed. If you didn’t hear it, Google Test Match Special, click on Podcasts and you can listen now or download it. 16 year old Waleed Khan describes how he was left for dead after a terrorist attack in Peshawar four years ago which killed 135 of his school friends and 20 teachers. His injuries were multiple and severe. His face had to have major reconstruction surgery and some of his treatment was carried out in Birmingham where he now lives.

He shows no hatred towards the perpetrators; rather he concentrates on leading a positive life, helping others to see that peace and love can prevail over evil. His is a remarkable story. Needless to say, he is cricket-mad and keen on other sports too, participating in as many as possible!

Waleed Khan’s testimony is powerful. Though his circumstances are somewhat unique, the message of peace and love isn’t new. Listening to an interview such as this may shame us into realising that many of us have little to grouse about and much to be thankful for – so what’s stopping us from sharing those two virtues? Think how someone might be encouraged by your kind word, listening ear or gentle smile.


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