Last night’s electric storms over the south of England demonstrated how little control we humans have over nature. Noisy, bright, spectacular, terrifying… Whether you stand at the window in wonder or dive under the duvet in fear, one thing is certain: there’s nothing you can do to stop a storm. If ever there was evidence that human beings aren’t in control of the universe, a storm such as yesterday’s surely provides it.

All seems stable in life until the unexpected hits. The storms of life take different forms: illness, bereavement, job loss, a breakdown in relationships, burglary, debt… Nothing stays the same for very long and we have to learn how to manage different and evolving scenarios. How do we do that?

Jesus’ disciples got caught up in a storm when out fishing in their boat. They were terrified. What was worse, Jesus their leader and friend, was asleep! They shook him awake. “We’re going to die!” they yelled. Jesus got up and ordered the storm to stop. It did, and all became calm. Jesus, as God, was in control of the universe he’d created. We can’t stop storms but if Jesus is in our ‘boat’ we don’t face the storms alone.

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