If you were a worm, your perspective of grass would be different from a human adult’s perspective. As a worm, you might wish that the grass were mown more often to make your slithers easier on the belly. You might be fearful of the daisies whose stems appear like trees and whose delicately pretty canopy you can’t see. Dandelion clocks, with their seeds dispersing in the wind, knock you on the nose and make you sneeze.

If you were a little girl, you wouldn’t care how short or long the grass was. You’d be sitting on it making a fairy necklace out of the daisies, or a garland to put round your head so you could pretend to be a princess.

If you were a young lad, (and call me sexist if you want to) you’d see the grass as something to pound with football boots. You’d ignore the daisies, and shoot for goal. Any self-respecting worm would retreat underground.

If you were an adult you might see the grass as a chore at this time of year. It grows quickly so needs mowing frequently, but rainy days prevent the work – and make the grass grow even more.

If you were God, you’d look at the worm and the grass and the daisies and the dandelion clocks and the little girl and the young lad and the adult, and you’d see everything you’d made, and would be very pleased.

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