When does Easter end? Commercially, Christmas ends on Christmas Eve though, for Christians, it is just the beginning of a 40 day celebration of the birth of Christ. What about Easter? When does that end? Easter Monday? Many people were back to work on Tuesday though, this year, with Easter being early, the school holidays have fallen entirely after Easter so children may still be doing Easter egg hunts up until next weekend!

The Easter garden in my local cathedral was bare and bleak on Good Friday. On Easter Day and ever since, it has been a colourful display of spring flowers surrounding an empty tomb. Worshippers in churches today repeated the greeting of last Sunday: “Alleluia! Christ is risen!” “He is risen indeed; Alleluia!” Christians are people of the resurrection. Christ died once. He rose to new life that goes on for ever! Christians believe that, thanks to his work of redemption and their belief, faith and commitment to him, there is everlasting life and hope for today and for every day.

Easter eggs come and go all too quickly. Easter, for those who believe, doesn’t end – ever. The disciple Thomas found it hard to believe until he’d seen the risen Jesus for himself. Then he was in no doubt at all: “My Lord and my God!” he exclaimed. Jesus understood his doubt. He understands anyone’s doubt, but his invitation is still for people to believe: “How happy are those who believe without seeing me!”





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