“What’s going on?” “What have you heard?” “It’s all so weird!” Information, misinformation, rumour, bewilderment, doubt, fear, a sense of numbness… Such words  could describe events and emotions in any news situation around the world today.

When something unusual happens, reporters gather and sound bites are sought from passers-by, local residents and visitors to a city. It’s happened in Salisbury in recent weeks. It happened in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection when the city was full of visitors. Jesus’ friends had largely vanished at his death but, as news flashed around the area that he’d returned to life, so they re-emerged slowly – with some trepidation and a glimmer of hope.

The reports varied, as they do in news stories today. Whispers of sightings of the living Christ were followed by exclamations of relief, joy, and the gradual realisation that, “Yes, of course! Hadn’t he said this would happen!” An angel told the women at the tomb, “Come and see!” then, “Go and tell!” They looked, saw the empty tomb and went to tell the disciples. Over the coming days Jesus spent time with them. So, the news was true! Nearly 2000 years later the message continues to reverberate around the globe: “Christ is risen!”

What difference does it make that Jesus is alive? The fullness of life Jesus offers is more than pretty daffodils, chocolate eggs and fluffy chicks that are here today and gone, if not tomorrow, in a few weeks’ time. His message of hope for all creation defeats sorrow, evil, fear, and death itself. His invitation is, indeed, to come and see, then go and tell.


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