Wales lost again – in the Six Nations on Saturday. It was an edge-of-the-seat match and could have gone either way. Ireland prevailed. As did Scotland who beat England at Murrayfield in front of thousands of excited supporters.

Who remembers these grand sporting occasions twenty, forty, a hundred years on? A world-renowned cricketer, at his best in the 1980s, recalled in minute detail, some of his Ashes successes. He certainly remembered! Top tennis players can describe matches they played years ago. Some of the great Welshmen who played rugby way back – Gareth Edwards, JPR Williams… remember with delight their successful seasons.

What about other great stadium events? American evangelist, Billy Graham, who recently died aged 99, filled stadiums around the world. What motivated people to attend? Curiosity, hunger for meaning in life, the buzz of huge crowds, a personal invitation? Who will remember Billy Graham and those meetings in future decades? In the UK, people who were at Harringay in the 1950s, Earls Court in the 1960s,  Wembley in the 1980s, will remember. They weren’t present to watch sport but to hear about Jesus – something of far greater significance than a ball game.

Billy Graham wanted to share some good news – THE good news – that could impact life not just for the length of the meeting or even for a few years, but for eternity. However remarkable the sports individuals and teams, however renowned the evangelists and preachers, however forthright the politicians and media, the good news from God outlives them all.

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