Last Wednesday’s blue moon was magnificent. At 11.30 pm I was walking downhill along a normally busy – but at that time, quiet – country road, with just the brilliant moon and stars for company. The moon was behind me and, though walking fast because it was a cold night, I felt obliged to stop and turn to look up at the moon. It made me smile with delight.

This morning I was out early and watched the sun rise behind a line of bare beech trees. The awesome orb cast shafts of golden light through the dark branches. I turned 180 degrees and there was the moon, not in its pristine circle of last week but still big and beautiful. As the sun came up, the moon began to fade.

“Angels, help us to adore him, ye behold him face to face. Sun and moon bow down before him, dwellers all in time and space.” I hummed that song about God as I twizzled my head from side to side, looking first at the sun, then at the moon. How I love the sky! It was particularly good to see it this morning in all its glory after a grim day of rain and gloom yesterday.

Life, like the sky, can be oppressive and grey sometimes, expansive and exciting other times. Which is preferable? Well, that’s a no-brainer! But the sun, moon and stars are there, even when hidden by cloud. Just as God is there, even when he appears to be hiding.

New ‘Sun and Moon’ pictures are in the Photo Gallery.

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