Are you troubled this Christmas time? Do you wonder what on earth is going on? Do you question life’s perplexities? Testing circumstances impact our personal, local, national, and global situations. But can you imagine anything more bizarre than the circumstances that faced Mary? An angel told her she would give birth to the Son of God! No wonder she was troubled, wondered what was going on and questioned the angel!

Mary moved on to a place of trust: God knows what he’s doing. Her trust burst out in joyful praise to God.

Later, heavily pregnant, Mary arrived with Joseph in Bethlehem, only to find there was nowhere for them to stay. Did her heart sink? Or did she continue to trust God when there was no room; where an animal’s manger was the only bed for the Son of God; and when a bunch of shepherds visited with a weird story about angels… Yet the shepherds’ tale rang true. After all, hadn’t she and Joseph each had angels visit them? Here was God working in extraordinary ways. Only the Creator could fashion such a masterful stroke as coming to earth in the form of a baby.

Questioning, trust, praise. With the departure of the shepherds, Mary became silent. She pondered the impact of God coming to earth as Saviour. Now it’s our turn to ponder. How does Jesus impact us? Jesus is God with us – whatever our circumstances. Happy Christmas!

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