Snow, illness, sorrow, bereavement, uncertainty, fear, politics, famine, war… Such issues – and a whole lot more – are nothing new; history bears testament to that.

Despite our best efforts as human beings, we haven’t yet come up with a permanent solution to life’s problems. But God has. Handel’s “Messiah” tells the story of God’s plan, with words from the Bible. God, in love for his world, wants to bring comfort to forlorn folk. The oratorio’s first words, “Comfort ye my people,” were uttered 700 years or so before their fulfillment in the arrival of Jesus Christ as a baby. We have the benefit of hindsight, but still welcome the message of comfort as we grapple with a world that seems to be spinning out of control.

We hear of “rough places being made smooth”, and of a “shepherd taking care of his flock”. Why not embrace God’s comfort in Jesus the Saviour who lived, suffered, died and rose from death to bring forgiveness and hope through our life’s trials? As we wait for Christmas, we also wait for Christ’s second coming when his reign of peace will begin and death, sorrow and pain are no more.

“Comfort” is the first word. And the last word? “Messiah” ends with “Amen” meaning “So be it” or “Yes!”

PS  A Christmas poem is on the Poems page and winter photos in the Photo Gallery


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