Does the world seem mad to you? “Stop the world; I want to get off!” sang Anthony Newley in the Sixties. Short of popping your clogs, the only way you can get off Planet Earth is to pop up to the International Space Station. From there, as we see from photos, the world doesn’t look so mad – just a beautiful orb in the blackness of space.

Meanwhile, down here in the reality of close encounters with fellow human beings, industry, noise and politics, where do we find sanity? For me, this morning, it was while out walking: a robin took a drink from a puddle, a beech tree was reflected in another puddle, two crows perched on a rugby goalpost – each on top of an upright. And the sun rose silently above misty valleys.

The sanity continued later as sunlight shone through stained glass windows into the little church where I worship the God of the whole vast universe. There I was reminded that God loves each individual – whether mad, bad, or sad. Life is tough for many people. How often does someone say, when asked how they are: “Bearing up,” “Soldiering on”? Jesus came into a dark world as the Light of the World. He told his followers to shine, to reflect God’s love and to bring hope. Ultimately it is HIS world. What a relief!



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