Do you look good for your age? An impertinent question, perhaps, but one to which ‘experts’ are keen to provide answers. They suggest how you can: whiten your teeth, remove facial ‘blemishes’, have toned muscles in a perfect body, a beautiful smile, shining hair…

Is nobody content with the body they have? Doesn’t the ageing process happen whether we like it or not? Is life only about looking good and feeling good? Aren’t there more important questions: Why am I here on planet Earth? Where am I going? How do I relate to other people? What am I doing with the life I’ve been given?

3000 years ago a prophet was sent to choose a potential king from eight brothers. He went to the eldest of the bunch – a tall, handsome chap. Ah, this must be the one. No. The prophet inspected each brother in turn. None of the first seven was chosen. The eighth and youngest son was called in from tending sheep in the fields. Yes! This was the one. Why? Because God, who had sent the prophet, said, “I do not judge as man judges. Man looks at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart.”

Age and looks are less important than character. Is that a relief or a challenge? God looks. But not necessarily for good looks.




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