How observant are you?

Last week the harvest moon rose in early evening to dominate the sky in its luminosity and largeness. Before its appearance the October dusk darkened daylight’s objects, to reveal slowly but steadily the things of night. At first the stars were tiny pinpricks of light then, as darkness progressed, they were revealed as an apparently random scattering of bright lights flung by an invisible hand into the space above earth. I stood outside, head tilted back and gazed in awe. Then the moon rose and the stars became less bright against the backdrop of the massive moon.

When my head eventually returned to its normal position I continued my moonlight walk, but then had to bend my head downwards to avoid tripping over tree roots and… a random hedgehog. Yes, a hedgehog! I hadn’t seen one for years – not alive, anyway. I stood and watched it snuffle its way across a patch of grass in search of supper.

The immensity of the universe – moon, stars… And the minutiae of tiny creatures – hedgehogs, worms, ants… Life is out there to see and wonder at, day and night – if we look. W H Davies wrote, “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” Let’s make time to look and be thankful.

PS ‘Berry Nice’ photos are on the Photo Gallery of the website.

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