A – Z Qualities

Awesome, Blessed, Charismatic, Daring, Edifying, Fascinating, Gracious, Humble, Inspiring, Jovial, Kind, Long-lasting, Mesmerising, Notable, Outstanding, Personable, Quick, Rare, Sublime, Truthful, Unusual, Vigorous, Winsome, Xciting, Youthful, Zestful.

Writers aren’t supposed to overuse adjectives, but an exceptional person requires an exceptional plethora of descriptive words. Yes, he’s done it again. Roger Federer, eight times Wimbledon Singles Champion. And I have no hesitation in using 26 adjectives in an attempt to mark his remarkable achievement. But, as well as his winning ways on court, it’s his winning ways off court that impress. He’s said he wants to be a good dad and a good husband.

Federer knows that his career will eventually end. 35 is deemed to be ‘old’ in tennis. So he’s working at getting a whole life balance. You or I may not be tennis players but we can still work at that whole life thing. What is the point of your presence on the planet? What is your world view? What are your dreams? Is there someone on whom you want to model your own life? Look at that A-Z of adjectives. Who do you know who has those qualities? Or even some of them. Whisper it: Federer isn’t perfect. There’s only one perfect person who’s ever lived. Perhaps it’s to him that we should look for the supreme example of how to live.

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