Today, the middle Sunday of Wimbledon, is a rest day. It’s a relief for the tennis players, for others who work so hard to make the Championships happen, and for armchair spectators around the world. Time to breathe…

Very early each morning I go for a walk. Living on the rural edge of a small city has benefits, not least being able to access the countryside to hear birdsong and walk in wildflower meadows. Unlike every other day of the week, on Sunday mornings – early! – there’s very little traffic noise. Life in the fast lane, in the rat race of frenetic busyness, is put on hold, even if only for an hour or two. Here is time to rest, recuperate and reflect; to be restored and rejuvenated. Just as a phone or camera needs to be recharged in order to be able to work efficiently and effectively, so human beings need times of quiet to avoid burn-out and to just ‘be.’

Elijah was a Godly man whose unpopular message attracted life threats. In a state of exhaustion, depression and fear, God spoke to him – not through the power of ferocious gales, earthquakes and fires, but in a soft whisper. It is in the quiet, or even silence if we can find it, that we’re more likely to hear that quiet whisper and be restored.

(Photos of wildflower meadow in Photo Gallery and two new poems on the Poems page)


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