More than twenty years ago our daughter and her friend were among thousands at a pop concert at Wembley Arena. Afterwards the girls were collected and taken safely home. A few days before this week’s horrific happenings at Manchester Arena my husband and I stood on Manchester’s Victoria station – below the Arena – en route to visiting that same daughter who now lives with her family in Lancashire.

I happened to read the remarkably relevant Psalm 10 this morning. “Why are you so far away, Lord?” it begins, then goes on to talk of “the wicked” who are proud of their evil desires and whose “victims lie crushed.” These words were written some 3000 years ago. As he rants at God, the psalmist asks the same questions that we ask today, and comments as we do on wickedness and injustice. And then comes a change of tone: “But you DO see; you take notice of trouble and suffering and are always ready to help… You will hear the cries of the oppressed… You will judge in their favour, so that mortal men may cause terror no more.”

Whatever our personal circumstances, and for some this week they will be life-changing, God promises that he will be with us if we trust him. Acts of kindness, compassion and support have been noticeable in Manchester this week. It’s often in the most difficult times that we are given inner strength and grow, though we may see that only in retrospect. One day there will be no more terror. God and his goodness will have the last word.


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