Easter is a time of joy and hope, but sometimes there’s confusion…

T is for treats: chocolate. Mm… yummy.
E is for eggs: symbols of new life. Chocolate ones are the best.
A is for animals: bunnies in particular. So sweet, especially chocolate ones.
S is for sugary confections: chocolate again.
E is for extra: more chocolate.

That kind of Easter is one big commercial and cultural TEASE. You might add an R for regrets: for over-indulgence of chocolate, and/or for missing the real point of Easter. Tease… Teaser… It all makes for a confused Easter.

Let’s try again:

E is for everyone. The true message of Easter is for everyone who takes it to heart.
A is for action. Jesus took action to secure the future of the world.
S is for Saviour. Jesus came to deal with sin and death, and defeated both.
T is for time. Now is the time to respond to Jesus. Why wait?
E is for eternity. Jesus came to give people life in all its fullness, now and beyond death.
R is for Resurrection. Jesus died, then rose to new life. That’s what EASTER is really about.

Enjoy your chocolate, but remember Jesus.

Happy Easter!

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