The sun looked more like the moon at 8 o’clock this morning. A dim circle, ghostly grey, was just visible through a thick veil of fog. Where was the fiery orb that, on good days, dazzles with brilliance as it rises majestically from below the horizon? Of course, it was there this morning and, over the next couple of hours, its strength powered through and dispersed the fog. A hazy, but beautiful day, emerged – with the prospect, hopefully, of seeing the moon rise this evening.

Where is God? You may ask that question when life is tough and you’re struggling in metaphorical fog or under dense cloud cover. Does God keep his light and strength hidden, like the sun on a grey day? Sometimes it can seem so. You might just glimpse a metaphorical faint ‘outline’ of God but it’s distant and appears ineffectual when you’re trapped in fog.

Most of us feel better when the sun shines. We bask in its light and warmth. We’re not naive enough to believe that the sun no longer exists – just because we can’t see it or feel it. If you believe in God, the challenge is to keep believing in him even when he seems far away or invisible. He’s still there.

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