“Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone.” Layers of frost lie in the garden, added to each night as temperatures drop. The pond is frozen. Blackbirds try in vain to get a drink and to slurp slugs from the soil. It’s definitely porridge-for-breakfast weather for humans (infinitely preferable to a breakfast of slugs.)

How do you like your porridge? My personal preference is to make it with water, add a teaspoon of cream and a teeny squirt of agave syrup and to leave it for a minute before eating. Goldilocks, you may recall, needed to check out three different bowls of porridge before deciding that the contents of the third bowl (Baby Bear’s bowl) was “just right.”

Earth is dubbed, “The Goldilocks Planet.” Unlike its near neighbours, Venus – too hot, and Mars – too cold, Earth is “just right.” Just right for what? For life. Venus is beautiful to look at and brightest just before sunrise and sunset, but is far too hot to sustain life. Mars, which glows deceptively red, is far too cold for life. It seems, as far as current scientific knowledge can tell, that Earth alone – of all the orbs in the solar system – has just exactly what is needed for us to live. So, whatever the weather, whatever our breakfast preferences, let’s make the most of the privilege of living in a place that is, “just right.”



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